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· What are the Best Mining Ships in Eve Online? Is Retriever good for solo mining? The Procurer's base mining yield is the the same as the Retriever's (and about 10-20% lower than a Covetor's), making it an excellent ship for mining in the lower-security (0. 50% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints. pdf download What is the ore guide capacity of a retriever?

free To justify mining at skiff levels it would need to give up a huge chunk of its evasion and that’s the current draw of the ship. · Of these, I would go for the Procurer for high-sec mining and the Covetor if mining in null-sec with a fleet. Exhumers Skiff Hulk If you are flying the mackinaw you will get 2 units of ice per cycle but the negative side to this is a 25% increase in. Following types of Ice Mining Lasers are available for fitting: Ice Mining Laser I, Ice Mining Laser II, ORE Ice Mining Laser Ice free pdf Miners Modules used for harvesting Ice, that can be fitted into Exhumers and Mining Barges; they have the download same yield per cycle as Ice Mining Lasers, but their cycles are considerably shorters). This is the flagship configuration for Orca drone mining. 5) areas of high security space.

· Procurer vs Raven - Duration. retrievers are cheap to replace. A massive ore hold allows the Retriever to operate for extended periods without requiring as much support as other barges. · The Procurer.

. Their yield is almost identical. 2% reduction in Strip Miner and Ice Harvester cycle times per level of Mining Barges. even if you lose 1 every 5 hours of mining you will still be ahead.

· The Endurance absolutely must be able to mine more than a Procurer to be viable. Gas Harvesting Enables you to harvest Gas; each level l. Unless ice rigs are in use and ice drones are out, and more often than not they aren’t, it does. Revised Procurer Ice Mining Fit Even with a dedicated ice mining fit, the output without an implant is only 18.

Endurance and ice mining. If you have to ask the question, I'd suggest a Procurer, as it's unlikely to be ganked. The Covetor and Hulk have the best ore yield per hour but rubbish tanking ability and should be avoided in high sec.

The ship is niche but useful. The Fortune Digger Ultimate Guide to Mining in EVE Online Skill Name Description Mining Enables you to use Mining Lasers; it pro. Mining barges are equipped with electronic subsystems specifically designed to accommodate Strip Mining and Ice Harvesting modules. com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month.

To optimise the mining yield you can use review mining laser upgrades causing the Retriever to overtake the Procurer by a small percentage as it has one more small fitting slot than the Procurer does. The Covetor audiobook is paper thin, with a small ore hold, but by far the greatest ore yield, making it procurer vs retriever ice mining guide ideal for “safe” fleet mining operations. This page contains auxiliary information and data for the Advanced Mining Guide. Covetor - Mining Barge built with the mining efficiency in mind, it yields 10-20% more Ore than its two counterparts, Retriever and Procurer. All 3 have 3 effective lasers (ie, the procurer has 1 laser with 3x the yield, the retriever has 2 lasers with 1.

Which Barge is best for your needs? The Retriever has a huge cargo hold (35. 66% reduction in Ice Harvester Duration and capacitor use. 000m3) and is able to field a pdf great tank. Which Ore Is Best & How To Make the Most ISK - Eve Online Mining & ISK Guide - Duration: 9:05.

Yet what I read consistently says that Retriever is better for yield than the Procurer. book review I think the biggest difference is procurer sacrifices orehold space for tank. On the surface it seems so, the Procurer only has one turret but it has a 66% cycle reduction in Ice mining and a 200% yield on strip while the Retriever has two turrets, each doing 50% more yield and 33% less cycle on ice. · The three mining barges all have their distinctive advantages when it comes to ice harvesting, below you can see the traits of each Télécharger barge. 5 m 3 /second (1100 m 3 /minute), which is not much more than the maximum yield I could get from an Endurance.

Covetor, Procurer, or Retriever ebook - Science &. If you really want tank a procurer can get over 60k ehp and still match the yield of a retriever with no MLU's. Each barge was created to excel at a specific function, the Retriever's being storage. 5% bonus to ship shield hitpoints per level of Mining Barges.

· I discovered that in order to beat the Endurance's ice mining yield, I needed a better Procurer fit. · The Skiff and Procurer get much higher EHP for almost no difference in mining efficiency. Ice Harvesting Enables you to harvest Ice; it provides. epub The Procurer has an ore hold of 12,000㎥ and a cargo bay of 350㎥.

· Procurer: Mining Barge. This can be used Semi AFK as it can sit on ore or ice an average of 30 to 45 minutes before needing to be touched. [Retriever, INN MINING GUIDE RETRIEVER AFK] [Mackinaw, INN MINING GUIDE MACKINAW AFK] These fits are for the mining barge/exhumer that is bonused for ore hold size. . Procurer: Ice [Procurer, INN MINING GUIDE PROCURE procurer vs retriever ice mining guide – ICE] Ice Harvester Upgrade II Ice Harvester Upgrade II.

Even if you mine in hisec your retriever is more prone to be booted by suicide ganks, procurer is tanky procurer vs retriever ice mining guide enough for the. The following image summarizes the results of these changes on barge mining yield. Howdy, Fired up my eve accounts again. Mining Skill can be learned by Alpha Clones (max level of this skill for Alpha Clones is capped at IV); It doesn't have any prerequisites and costs 20k ISK at an NPC Vendor. Currently setting up 2 sets of 5 miners, consisting of an Orca + 4 mackinaws each. · In this video I cover the Retriever Mining Barge.

· Top end m3/hr will be dropping a bit for ore mining, and increasing a bit for ice mining. ) The Procurer has a much procurer vs retriever ice mining guide better tank, the Retriever a bigger ore hold. The Procurer can fit 2 IHUs and still have a nice tank.

Deep Core Mining Enables you to mine Mercoxit (found in W. It's main purpose is to allow interested.

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